Character Study on Azzur

Character Study on Azzur

2 Samuel 2: And they caught every one his fellow by the head, and thrust his sword in his fellow's side; so they fell down together: wherefore that place was called Helkathhazzurim, which is in Gibeon.
Nehemiah 10: Ater, Hizkijah, Azzur,

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Azur - (ay' zuhr) KJV spelling (Jeremiah 28:1 ; Ezekiel 11:1 ) for Azzur. See Azzur
Azur - AZUR or Azzur
Jaazaniah - Son of Azzur, against whose counsels Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy ( Ezekiel 11:1 ff
Hananiah - The ‘lying prophet,’ son of Azzur the prophet, a Gibeonite, who was condemned by Jeremiah, in the reign of Zedekiah, for prophesying falsely