Character Study on Benoni

Character Study on Benoni

Genesis 35: And it came to pass, as her soul was in departing, (for she died) that she called his name Benoni: but his father called him Benjamin.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Benoni
(behn oh' ni) Personal name meaning, “son of my sorrow.” See Benjamin .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Benoni
BENONI . See Benjamin.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Benoni
Son of my sorrow
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Benoni

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Benoni - Benoni
Bani - Hence, Rachel named her son, Benoni, in her dying moments, while Jacob called him Benjamin
Benjamin - Jacob, being on his journey from Mesopotamia, as he was proceeding southward with Rachel in the company, Genesis 35:16-17 , &c, the pains of child-bearing came upon her, about a quarter of a league from Bethlehem, and she died after the delivery of a son, whom, with her last breath, she named Benoni, that is, "the son of my sorrow;" but soon afterward Jacob changed his name, and called him Benjamin, that is, "the son of my right hand
Benjamin - Poor Rachel! what a mistaken judgment she made! She earnestly desired children; but behold the event! God gave her a son; but he was, as she properly named him, a son of sorrow; a Benoni. How many Rachels have there been since, who in wrestling or wishing to take the government out of Lord's hands, have done it to their sorrow! Jacob, though his love to Rachel was unbounded, (see Genesis 29:18-20) yet he would not suffer the child to retain the name of Benoni, but changed it to Benjamin, which is, the son of my right hand, from Ben, son; and jamin, the right hand
Benjamin - His birth was difficult, and his mother named him Benoni, which means “son of my sorrow
Quails - The child was a Benoni; that is, as she herself called him, (and is rendered in the margin of our Bibles) the son of my sorrow
Names - " The majority of compound names have special religious or social significance being compounded either (1) with terms denoting relationship, as Abi or Ab father, as Abihud, "father of praise," Abimelech "father of the king;" Ben son, as Benoni, "son of my sorrow," Benjamin, "son of the right hand;" or (2) nouns denoting natural life, as am, "people," melech "king;" or (3) with names of God and Jah or Ja , shortened from "Jehovah
Benjamin - ("son of my right hand"), as Jacob named him; first called by his dying mother Rachel Benoni, son of my sorrow (compare Jeremiah 31:15; Matthew 2:17-18)