Character Study on Haroeh

Character Study on Haroeh

1 Chronicles 2: And Shobal the father of Kirjathjearim had sons; Haroeh, and half of the Manahethites.

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Haroeh
(huh roh' eh) Personal name meaning, “the seer.” Descendant of Caleb in tribe of Judah (1 Chronicles 2:52 ). The same person is apparently called Reaiah in 1 Chronicles 4:2 , an easy change to make in copying Hebrew and probably the original name. As other names in the list, this may represent a place name as well as a personal name.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Haroeh
("the seer".) 1 Chronicles 2:52.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Haroeh
Son of Shobal, a descendant of Judah. 1 Chronicles 2:52 .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Haroeh
HAROEH (‘the seer’). A Judahite ( 1 Chronicles 2:52 ). Perhaps the name should be corrected to Reaiah (cf. 1 Chronicles 4:2 ).

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Haroeh - Haroeh (‘the seer’)
Reaiah - A Calebite family ( 1 Chronicles 4:2 ), called in 1 Chronicles 2:52 Haroeh (wh
Jahath - (See Haroeh
Shobal - Possibly the same as Haroeh, which maybe a corruption for Reaiah (1 Chronicles 4:1-2)