Character Study on Hashem

Character Study on Hashem

1 Chronicles 11: The sons of Hashem the Gizonite, Jonathan the son of Shage the Hararite,

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Chabad Knowledge Base - Kiddush Hashem
(Sanctification of G-d's Name): (a) The sanctification of G-d�s Name; (b) Martyrdom.

Chabad Knowledge Base - Yirat Hashem
the fear or awe of G-d, which compels us to refrain from sin. Divided into lower and higher levels: Yirah Ila'ah (supernal fear) is the awe one feels when contemplating G-d's greatness, Yirah Tata'ah is fear of the negative consequences that result from sin

Chabad Knowledge Base - Hashem
(lit. "The Name") G-d.

Chabad Knowledge Base - Im yirtzeh Hashem
G-d willing

Holman Bible Dictionary - Hashem
(hay' sshehm) Personal name meaning, “the name.” Father of some of David's heroes (1 Chronicles 11:34 ) and said to be a Gizonite. See Gizonite . The parallel passage in 2 Samuel 23:32 may preserve the original spelling—Jashen. See Jashen .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Hashem
Named; a putting to
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Hashem
1 Chronicles 11:34. JASHEN in 2 Samuel 23:32.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Gizonite, Hashem the
1 Chronicles 11:34. Omitted in the parallel 2 Samuel 23:32-33. Kennicott would read the proper name Gouni.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Hashem
A Gizonite, father of some of David's mighty men. 1 Chronicles 11:34 . Apparently the same as JASHEN in 2 Samuel 23:32 .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Hashem
HASHEM . See Gizonite, Jashen.

Chabad Knowledge Base - Baruch Hashem
"Thank G-d."

Chabad Knowledge Base - B'ezrat Hashem
"with G-d's help"

Chabad Knowledge Base - Chilul Hashem
(lit. "profaning the Name [of G-d]"); an act that brings discredit or reflects badly on the Torah, Torah scholars, the Jewish religion, or the Jewish people

Chabad Knowledge Base - Ahavat Hashem
love of G-d

Chabad Knowledge Base - Avodat Hashem
Service of G-d.

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Jashen - 2 Samuel 23:32; but in 1 Chronicles 11:34 Hashem ("the Name"' used by Othordox Jews instead of uttering the ineffable name of Υahweh . ) Kennicott reads, "of the sons of Hashem, Gouni; Jonathan the son of Shamha
Hashem - Hashem
Gizonite - Designation of Hashem, whose sons were among David's guard: the origin of the name is not known
ha'Shem - The sons of Hashem the Gizonite are named amongst the members of David's guard in ( 1 Chronicles 11:34 ) (B
Jashen - Sleeping, called also Hashem (1 Chronicles 11:34 ); a person, several of whose sons were in David's body-guard (2 Samuel 23:32 )
Gizonite - A name given to Hashem, an inhabitant of Gizoh, a place somewhere in the mountains of Judah (1 Chronicles 11:34 ; 2 Samuel 23:32,34 )
gi'Zonites, the - "The sons of Hashem the Gizonite "are named amongst the warriors of David's guard
Gizonite - ‘Hashem the Gizonite
Jashen - 1 Chronicles 11:34 apparently spells the same name Hashem and calls him the Gizonite
Jashen - In the parallel list ( 1 Chronicles 11:34 ) they appear as the sons of Hashem , who is further described as the Gizonite (wh
Jesus Christ, Name And Titles of - The most important development was the substitution of "Adonai" (Lord) for "Yahweh" in synagogue usage and the use of Hashem, "the name, " for both "Yahweh, " "Elohim" (God), and even "Adonai" in the rabbinic schools, at least when quoting the Tanach, so the rabbis forgot how YHWH was orginally pronounced