Character Study on Jesuites

Character Study on Jesuites

Numbers 26: Of the children of Asher after their families: of Jimna, the family of the Jimnites: of Jesui, the family of the Jesuites: of Beriah, the family of the Beriites.

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Ishuai, Isui, Jesui - Third son of Asher, and founder of the Jesuites
Ish'ua-i - (Numbers 26:44 ) Authorized Version "Jesuites
is'ui - (quiet ), third son of Asher, ( Genesis 46:17 ) founder of a family called after him, though in the Authorized Version appearing as THE Jesuites
Jes'ui - (even, level ), the son of Asher, whose descendants the Jesuites were numbered in the plains of Moab at the Jordan of Jericho
Ravignan, Gustave Fran├žOis Xavier Delacroix de - His calm, eloquent De l'Existenceet de l'Institutdes Jesuites of 1844, vindicating the Society, sold 25,000 copies in one year