Character Study on Meunites

Character Study on Meunites

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Meunites
(mih' yoo nihm) See Mehunim .

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Mehunim - (mih hyoo' nihm) KJV form of Meunim or Meunites, an Arab tribe whose name likely derives from the city of Ma'an about twelve miles southeast of Petra. The Meunites raided Judah during the reign of Jehoshaphat (873-849 B. ), Israelites dislocated the Meunites from the vicinity of Gedor in Transjordan about eighteen miles north-northwest of Heshbon (1 Chronicles 4:41 ; KJV reads “habitations”). The Meunites are listed as Temple servants in the postexilic period (Ezra 2:50 ; Nehemiah 7:52 )
Maonites - These Maonites are perhaps the Meunites attacked by Hezekiah (1 Chronicles 4:41 ) and Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26:7 ), a band of marauding Arabs from south of the Dead Sea in the vicinity of Ma'an
Maon - In Judges 10:12, "the Maonites did oppress you," the Mehunim of 2 Chronicles 26:7 may be meant, the inhabitants of Mann (translated for "habitations," 1 Chronicles 4:41, Meunites, who were strangers there), a city near Petra, E
Uzzia(h) - To secure the eastern caravan route (the King's Highway), Uzziah rebuilt Elat (Eloth), the strategic port on the gulf of Aqaba (2 Chronicles 26:2 ) and campaigned against the Arabs of Gurbaal (possibly Gur east of Beersheba), the Meunites (a branch of Edomites), and the Ammonites (2 Chronicles 26:7-8 )