Character Study on Paarai

Character Study on Paarai

2 Samuel 23: Hezrai the Carmelite, Paarai the Arbite,

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Paarai
Opening of the Lord, "the Arbite," one of David's heroes (2 Samuel 23:35 ); called also Naarai, 1 Chronicles 11:37 .

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Paarai

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Paarai
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Paarai
The Arbite (i.e. "of Arab", in the mountains of Judah; Joshua 15:52): 2 Samuel 23:35. "Naarai son of Ezbai" in 1 Chronicles 11:37, which Kennicott (Diss. 209-211) thinks the true reading.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Paarai
PAARAI. See Naarai.

The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Paarai
The Arbite. (See 2 Samuel 23:35) Wherefore so called is not so easy to determine, unless from being born in Arbe, called afterwards Hebron. The founder of Arbe or Hebron was Arbe, as it is probable the city was first possessed by the Anaks, afterwards it was given to Judah in the lot of Caleb. There was a tradition among the Rabbins, as it is related by Jerome in his questions on Genesis, that Arbe, the original name of Hebron, was so called because it means four, and Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were buried there. It is remarkable that Paraac, in 1 Chronicles 11:37, is called Naarai.

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Paarai - Paarai
Arbite - Designation of Paarai, one of David's mighty men
ar'Bite, - Paarai the Arbite was one of David's guard
Naarai - Youthful, a military chief in David's army (1 Chronicles 11:37 ), called also Paarai (2 Samuel 23:35 )
Arbite - See Paarai
Arbite - Paarai, one of David's guard: a native of Arab, called Naarai, the son of Ezbai (1 Chronicles 11:37)
Naarai - Called "Paarai the Arbite" in 2 Samuel 23:35
Naarai - Perhaps, as in the margin , the same as Paarai the Arbite in 2 Samuel 23:35
pa'Ara-i - In the list of (2 Samuel 23:35 ) "Paarai the Arbite" is one of David's men
Naarai - In the parallel passage, 2 Samuel 23:35 , the name is Paarai , who is called ‘the Arbite
na'Ara-i - he is called the son of Ezbai, but in (2 Samuel 23:35 ) he appears as "Paarai the Arbite