Character Study on Rachab

Character Study on Rachab

Matthew 1: And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse;

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Rachab
Rahab, a name found in the genealogy of our Lord (Matthew 1:5 ).
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Rahab, Rachab
The harlot who secreted the spies that Joshua sent into the land. She had heard of the wonders of God in delivering Israel out of Egypt, and she was aware of the fear that had fallen on the inhabitants. In faith she risked her life in hiding the spies. Her stratagem was successful, and she made an agreement with the spies, that if she did not betray them, her life and the life of her family should be saved when the city was taken. This was only to be binding on them if she brought all into her house, under the token of the scarlet line, hung out at the window from which the spies were let down, the house being built upon the wall. Joshua was careful that the compact should be respected, and she and her relatives were saved. Joshua 2:1-22 ; Joshua 6:17-25 .

Rahab was a traitor to her country, and lied to the king; but it was to throw herself under the protection of the God of Israel. Her falsehood is not commended; her faith is, Hebrews 11:31 ; and her works justified her (before men). James 2:25 . That the RACHAB of Matthew 1:5 is the same as Rahab is evidenced by the article; it was the Rachab mentioned in the O.T. (the Greek language having no letter H, a CH [Χ] is substituted). That such women as Rahab and Thamar should be mentioned in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus shows the divine origin of the list, for man would probably have omitted these names. Their insertion exalts the grace that superabounds over all sin.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Rachab
(ray' kab) KJV variant form of Rahab (Matthew 1:5 ).

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Rachab
Same as Rahab
Morrish Bible Dictionary - Rachab

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Rehabiah - His name seems to be derived from Rachab, breadth, or extent—and therefore joined to Jah, it may be supposed to mean an enlargement in my Lord
Rehoboth - If the word be taken from Rachab, it means enlargement or extent
Rehoboam - His name seems to be a compound of Rehob and Am, the people—probably derived from Rachab, and if so, it will be the enlargement of the people
Rehob - It should seem that the name is derived from Rachab, breadth
Rahab, Rachab - That the Rachab of Matthew 1:5 is the same as Rahab is evidenced by the article; it was the Rachab mentioned in the O
Tamar - " (Isaiah 55:8) It is a very remarkable circumstance also, that in the genealogy given by the Evangelist Matthew, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, of our Lord Jesus Christ, in the first chapter of his gospel, no mention is made of any women but of this Thamar, Matthew 1:3; of Rachab or Rahab the harlot, Matthew 1:5; Ruth the poor Moabitess, Matthew 1:5; and Bathsheba the wife of Uriah, Matthew 1:6
Breadth - ... Rôchab is derived from the verb Rachab as is the noun rochob or rehob
Rahab - This name is not the same as that just considered, which is written Rachab in Hebrew, while this is written Rahab
Egypt - (This name in Hebrew is not the same as Rahab, the harlot, which is really Rachab