Character Study on Rephah

Character Study on Rephah

1 Chronicles 7: And Rephah was his son, also Resheph, and Telah his son, and Tahan his son,

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Rephah
(ree' fuh) Personal name meaning, “overflow.” An Ephraimite (1 Chronicles 7:25 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Rephah
1 Chronicles 7:25.

The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary - Rephah
Of the family of Benjamin. (1 Chronicles 7:25) The name seems to be derived from Rapha, medicine, or healer.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Rephah
REPHAH . An Ephraimite family ( 1 Chronicles 7:25 ).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Rephah
Son of Ephraim, and ancestor of Joshua. 1 Chronicles 7:25 .

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Rephah - Rephah
Rephaim - It is commonly thought that they were descended from one called Rephah or Rapha; but others imagine that the word Rephaim properly signifies giants, in the ancient language of this people
Ephraim - He had also other sons, Rephah, Resheph, Tela, &c