Character Study on Sadoc

Character Study on Sadoc

Matthew 1: And Azor begat Sadoc; and Sadoc begat Achim; and Achim begat Eliud;

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Sadoc
SADOC . 1 . ( 2E Esther 1:1 ) = Zadok , Ezra 7:2 . Ezra 7:2 . An ancestor of Jesus ( Matthew 1:14 ).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Sadoc
Just, mentioned in the genealogy of our Lord (Matthew 1:14 ).
Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament - Sadoc
SADOC.—A link in our Lord’s genealogy (Matthew 1:14).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Sadoc
(ssay' dahr) KJV spelling of Zadok (Matthew 1:14 ) following Greek.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Sadoc
Son of Azor, in the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. Matthew 1:14 .

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Sadoc
Or Zadok
1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Alemany, Joseph Sadoc
First Archbishop of San Francisco, born Vich, Spain, 1814; died Valencia, 1888. A Dominican missionary in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, he was appointed Bishop of Monterey, 1850, and transferred in 1853 to the newly created metropolitan see of San Francisco. When he resigned in 1883, his province had grown from the 21 secularized missions of the Franciscans to a Catholic population of about 300,000. He inaugurated the first efforts for adjustment of the Pious Fund.

1910 New Catholic Dictionary - Sadoc
(Hebrew: just)

High priest chosen by David while Abiathar was high priest in Jerusalem (2 Kings 8). During Absalom's revolt, he brought the Ark back to Jerusalem, and stood by David during the crisis (id., 15,19). To foil Adonias' plans, he anointed Solomon king before David's death (3Kings 1), and as a reward was appointed sole high priest (id., 2).

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Sadducees - Followers of Sadoc
Sadoc - Sadoc
Achim - Son or descendant of Sadoc, and father of Eliud: the name occurs only in Matthew 1:14
Sadoc - Sadoc
a'Chim, - son of Sadoc and father of Eliud in our Lord's genealogy
Sadducees - A famous sect among the Jews; so called, it is said, from their founder, Sadoc. Antigonus having often, in his lectures, inculcated to his scholars that they ought not to serve God in a servile manner, but only out of filial love and fear, two of his scholars, Sadoc, and Baithus, thence inferred that there were no rewards at all after this life; and, therefore, separating from the school of their master, they thought there was no resurrection nor future state, neither angel nor spirit
Sadducees - The name would seem to be derived from a Hebrew word signifying the just; but the Talmudists affirm that it comes from a certain Sadoc, or Sadducus, who was the founder of the sect, and lived about three centuries before the Christian era
Zadok - ] Sadoc ])
Judas - In company with one Sadoc, he attempted to excite a sedition among the Jews, but was destroyed by Quirinus, or Cyrenius, at that time governor of Syria and Judea, Acts 5:37
Sadducees - 250, who, rejecting the traditionary doctrines of the scribes, taught that man ought to serve God out of pure love, and not from hope of reward, or fear of punishment; and that they derived their name from Sadoc, one of his followers, who, mistaking or perverting this doctrine, maintained that there was no future state of rewards and punishments
Philosophy - the great Doctor Antigonus of Socho bears a Greek name, and popular belief pointed to him as the teacher of Sadoc and Boethus the supposed founders of Jewish rationalism