Character Study on Sheleph

Character Study on Sheleph

Genesis 10: And Joktan begat Almodad, and Sheleph, and Hazarmaveth, and Jerah,
1 Chronicles 1: And Joktan begat Almodad, and Sheleph, and Hazarmaveth, and Jerah,

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Sheleph
(sshee' lehf) Tribal name perhaps meaning, “remove, take out of.” Son of Joktan and original ancestor of Yemenite tribes living near Aden (Genesis 10:26 ).

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Sheleph
SHELEPH . A son of Joktan ( Genesis 10:26 ) and therefore a tribe in Southern Arabia. It is not yet identified.

J. F. McCurdy.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Sheleph
Son of Joktan, of the family of Shem. Genesis 10:26 ; 1 Chronicles 1:20 . His descendants have been traced to Southern Arabia, where the tribe of Shelif or Shulaf has been found.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Sheleph
Who draws out
Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Sheleph
Second of Joktan's sons (Genesis 10:26). Ptolemy (6:7) mentions the Salapeni among the ancient inhabitants of Arabia Felix. The geographer Yacut mentions the Es Sulaf or Beni es Silfan as inhabiting the Yemen. The traveler C. Niebuhr found them still in the Yemen, under the name Salfie, 60 miles S.W. of Senaa.

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Sheleph - Sheleph
Diklah - Thus Almodad equates to the Arabic Elmudad; Sheleph equates to Es-Sulaf in the Yemen; Hazarmaveth equates to Hadramaut on the S
Joktan - The Scripture list of his descendants confirms this; almost all the names are certainly connected with this locality: "Almodad (El-Mudad), Sheleph (Sulaf or Silfan), Hazarmaveth" (Hadramaut), etc