Character Study on Siaha

Character Study on Siaha

Ezra 2: The children of Keros, the children of Siaha, the children of Padon,

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Siaha
(ssi' a ha) Personal name meaning, “helpers of God.” Temple servants (Ezra 2:44 ). This is apparently a variant spelling of Sia.

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Sia, Siaha
Ancestor of some Nethinim who returned from exile. Ezra 2:44 ; Nehemiah 7:47 .

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Sia, the Children of - Siaha in Ezra, Ezra 2:44
Sia - SIA ( Nehemiah 7:47 ) or Siaha ( Ezra 2:44 )
si'a - (Nehemiah 7:47 ) The name is written Siaha in (Ezra 2:44 ) and SUD in 1Esd