Character Study on Susi

Character Study on Susi

Numbers 13: Of the tribe of Joseph, namely, of the tribe of Manasseh, Gaddi the son of Susi.
1 Chronicles 4: And at Bethmarcaboth, and Hazarsusim, and at Bethbirei, and at Shaaraim. These were their cities unto the reign of David.

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Susi
SUSI . A Manassite ( Numbers 13:12 (11)).

Morrish Bible Dictionary - Susi
Father of Gaddi, of the tribe of Manasseh. Numbers 13:11 .

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Susi
The father of Gaddi, who was one of the twelve spies (Numbers 13:11 ).
Holman Bible Dictionary - Susi
(ssyoo' ssi) A personal name meaning, “my horse.” The father of Gaddi, one of the spies Moses sent from the wilderness of Paran to spy out the land of Canaan (Numbers 13:11 ).

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Susi
Numbers 13:11.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Susi
Horse; swallow; moth

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Susi - Susi
Gaddi - Son of Susi, and one of the twelve spies
Gad'di - (fortunate ), son of Susi; the Manassite spy sent by Moses to explore Canaan
Education (2) - Levi ben Susi in connexion with Deuteronomy 25:9 ‘If his brother’s wife have lost her hands, how is she to loose his shoe?’|||| [Note: ||| Lightfoot on " translation="">Luke 2:46