Places Study on Beth-anoth

Places Study on Beth-anoth

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Beth-anoth
House of answers, a city in the mountainous district of Judah (Joshua 15:59 ). It has been identified with the modern Beit-'Anun, about 3 miles northeast of Hebron.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Beth-anoth
Joshua 15:59. Now Hanin (Conder, Palestine Exploration Quarterly Statement, April, 1876).

Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-anoth
(behth-ay' nahth) Place name meaning, “house of Anath” or “house of being heard.” A city of Judah (Joshua 15:59 ). A temple to the Canaanite goddess Anath may have been here. The modern location may be khirbet beit Ainur, one and a half miles southeast of Halhul.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-anoth
BETH-ANOTH ( Joshua 15:59 ). A town in the mountains of Judah near Gedor. It is the present Beit ‘Ainûn , S.E. of Halhul.

Smith's Bible Dictionary - Beth'-Anoth
(house of echo ), a town in the mountainous district of Judah, named with Halhul, Beth-zur and others in ( Joshua 15:58 ) only.

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