Places Study on Beth-gamul

Places Study on Beth-gamul

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Beth-gamul
Camel-house, a city in the "plain country" of Moab denounced by the prophet (Jeremiah 48:23 ); probably the modern Um-el-Jemal, near Bozrah, one of the deserted cities of the Hauran.

Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-gamul
(behth-gay' muhl) Place name meaning, “house of retaliation.” City in Moab on which Jeremiah announced judgment (Jeremiah 48:23 ). Its location was modern khirbet el-Jemeil about seven miles east of Dibon.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-gamul
BETH-GAMUL ( Jeremiah 48:23 ). A place in Moab, noticed with Dibon, Kiriathaim, and Beth-meon. It is now the ruin Umm el-Jemâl , towards the east of the plateau, south of Medeba.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Beth-gamul
House of recompense

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Beth-Gamul - Beth-gamul ( Jeremiah 48:23 )