Places Study on Beth-lebaoth

Places Study on Beth-lebaoth

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Beth-lebaoth
(behth-lehb' ay ahth) Place name meaning, “house of lionesses.” City in territorial allotment of tribe of Simeon (Joshua 19:6 ). It is apparently the same as Lebaoth in Judah's inheritance (Joshua 15:32 ). This is called Beth-birei in the parallel passage (1 Chronicles 4:31 ). Its location is not certain.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Beth-lebaoth
BETH-LEBAOTH ( Joshua 19:6 ‘house of lionesses’?). A town of Simeon. See Beth-biri.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - Beth-lebaoth
House of lionesses

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Lebaoth - (lih bay' ohth) see Beth-lebaoth
Beth-Lebaoth - Beth-lebaoth ( Joshua 19:6 ‘house of lionesses’?)
Bethbirei - Apparently the same as Beth-lebaoth in Joshua 19:6
Leb'Aoth - (lionesses ), a town which forms one of the last group of the cities of "the south" in the enumeration of the possessions of Judah, ( Joshua 15:32 ) probably identical with Beth-lebaoth
Beth-Biri - A town of Simeon, perhaps textual error for Beth-lebaoth , Joshua 19:6 = Lebaoth , Joshua 15:32
Beth-Biri - It is apparently the same as Lebaoth (Joshua 15:22 ) and Beth-lebaoth (Joshua 19:6 )
Beth-Bir'e-i - (house of my creation ), a town of Simeon, ( 1 Chronicles 4:31 ) which by comparison with the parallel list in (Joshua 19:6 ) appears to have had also the name Of Beth-lebaoth