Places Study on Bor-ashan

Places Study on Bor-ashan

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Bor-ashan
(bawr ay' sshan) Place name meaning, “well of smoke” or “pit of smoke.” Place in most manuscripts of 1 Samuel 30:30 ; others read Chor-ashan (KJV). A town of the tribe of Judah to whom David gave part of his spoils of victory. It is usually equated with Asham, the town of Judah in which Simeon lived (Joshua 15:42 ; Joshua 19:7 ).

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Chorashan - (chawr assh' an) See Bor-ashan
Cor-Ashan - text was undoubtedly Bor-ashan
Chor-Ashan - The word ought, according to another reading, to be "Bor-ashan