Places Study on Brook of the Arabah

Places Study on Brook of the Arabah

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Brook of the Arabah
Literally, “brook of the wilderness.” A stream bed that is dry most of the year and marked the southern border of Israel, the northern kingdom (2 Kings 14:25 ; Amos 6:14 ). It has sometimes been located at the Brook of Zered which joins the Dead Sea at its southeastern corner from the east. More likely, it is either the wadi el-Qelt, flowing from Jericho to the west, or the wadi el-Kefren from the northern end of the Dead Sea flowing to the east.

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Brook of Zered - The Brook of Zered is the same as the Brook of the Willows (Isaiah 15:7 ), the dry stream bed of 2 Kings 3:16 (see 2 Kings 3:22 ), and perhaps the same as the Brook of the Arabah (Amos 6:14 ), though see Brook of the Arabah
Brooks of the Willows - The Hebrew name can be read as a plural form of the Brook of the Arabah, but two separate waterways are meant
Willows, Brook of the - In Amos 6:14 nachal ha'arabah "the Brook of the Arabah. end of the peninsula of the Dead Sea, so that Arabah in Amos 6:14 may mean "willow brook" instead of Brook of the Arabah, or Ghor, the southern continuation of the depressed valley of the Jordan and Dead Sea, toward the Red Sea
Arabah - The Brook of the Arabah represents the southern border of Israel (Amos 6:14 ), possibly the River Zered, the wadi el-Qelt, or the wadi Hefren