Places Study on En-gannim

Places Study on En-gannim

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - En-gannim
Fountain of gardens.
A town in the plains of Judah (Joshua 15:34 ), north-west of Jerusalem, between Zanoah and Tappuah. It is the modern Umm Jina.

A city on the border of Machar (Joshua 19:21 ), allotted to the Gershonite Levites (21:29). It is identified with the modern Jenin, a large and prosperous town of about 4,000 inhabitants, situated 15 miles south of Mount Tabor, through which the road from Jezreel to Samaria and Jerusalem passes. When Ahaziah, king of Judah, attempted to escape from Jehu, he "fled by the way of the garden house" i.e., by way of En-gannim. Here he was overtaken by Jehu and wounded in his chariot, and turned aside and fled to Megiddo, a distance of about 20 miles, to die there.

Holman Bible Dictionary - En-gannim
(ehn-gan' nihm) Place name meaning, “the spring of gardens.” 1. A town in the tribal territory of Judah located in the Shephalah (Joshua 15:34 ). It has been located at modern Beit Jemal, about two miles south of Beth-shemesh or at umm Giina one mile southwest of Beth-shemesh. 2. Town in tribal territory of Issachar designated as city for Levites (Joshua 19:21 ; Joshua 21:29 ). Anem (1 Chronicles 6:73 ) is apparently an alternate spelling. The same place may be meant in 2 Kings 9:27 by Beth Haggan (NIV, REB, NRSV) or the “garden house” (KJV, NAS). It is located at modern Jenin west of Beth-shean and about 65 miles north of Jerusalem.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - En-gannim
EN-GANNIM . 1. Joshua 15:34 . A town of Judah noticed with Zanoah and Eshtaol; perhaps the ruin Umm Jina in the valley near Zanoah. 2. Joshua 19:21 ; Joshua 21:29 (in 1 Chronicles 6:58 Anem ). A town of Issachar given to the Levites; now Jenîn , a town on the S. border of Esdraelon, with a fine spring, gardens, and palms. It marked the S. limit of Galilee, and appears to have been always a flourishing town.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - En-gannim

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en-Haddah - A city of Issachar noticed with En-gannim and Remeth; perhaps the present village Kefr Adhân on the edge of the Dothan plain, W. of En-gannim
Beth-Pazzez - A town of Issachar near En-gannim and En-haddah
Anem - It is also called En-gannim (q
Anem - It appears to answer to En-gannim (wh
Anem - Joshua 21:29 lists the city as En-gannim
en-Gannim - En-gannim
Enaim - Conder suggests Khirbet Wâdy Alin , near Beth-shemesh and En-gannim
en-Gannim - , by way of En-gannim
Esdraelon - From the foot of Mount Tabor it branches out into three valleys, that on the north passing between Tabor and Little Hermon (Judges 4:14 ); that on the south between Mount Gilboa and En-gannim (2 Kings 9:27 ); while the central portion, the "valley of Jezreel" proper, runs into the Jordan valley (which is about 1,000 feet lower than Esdraelon) by Bethshean
Fountain - Thus the frequency of the Hebrew root En, meaning spring, in place names: En-dor (Joshua 17:11 ); En-eglaim (Ezekiel 47:10 ); En-gannim (Joshua 15:34 ); En-gedi (Joshua 15:62 ); En-haddah (Joshua 19:21 ); En-hakkore (Judges 15:19 ); En-hazor (Joshua 19:37 ); En-rimmon; (Nehemiah 11:29 ); En-rogel and En-shemesh (Joshua 15:7 ); and En-tappuah (Joshua 17:7 )
Garden - a fountain sufficient to water man "gardens," "a well of living waters? (See En-gannim