Places Study on En-shemesh

Places Study on En-shemesh

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - En-shemesh
EN-SHEMESH (‘sun-spring,’ Joshua 15:7 ; Joshua 18:17 ). A spring E. of En-rogel, on the way to Jericho. It is believed to be the spring on the Jericho road E. of Olivet, generally known as the ‘Apostles’ fountain’ ( ‘Ain Hôd ).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - En-shemesh
Fountain of the sun a spring which formed one of the landmarks on the boundary between Judah and Benjamin (Joshua 15:7 ; 18:17 ). It was between the "ascent of Adummim" and the spring of En-rogel, and hence was on the east of Jerusalem and of the Mount of Olives. It is the modern 'Ain-Haud i.e., the "well of the apostles" about a mile east of Bethany, the only spring on the road to Jericho. The sun shines on it the whole day long.

Holman Bible Dictionary - En-shemesh
(ehn-sshee' mehssh) Place name meaning, “spring of the sun.” Town on border between tribal territories of Judah (Joshua 15:7 ) and Benjamin (Joshua 18:17 ). It is located at ain el-Hod, “the spring of the apostles,” about two miles east of Jerusalem on the eastern edge of Bethany.

Hitchcock's Bible Names - En-shemesh

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En - A fountain compounded with many names of towns and places; as En- dor, En-gedi, En-eglaim, En-shemesh, that is, the fountain of Dor, etc
en-Shemesh - En-shemesh (‘sun-spring,’ Joshua 15:7 ; Joshua 18:17 )
Enshemesh - The sun shines on this spring all day, answering to En-shemesh, 'spring of the sun
Fountain - Thus the frequency of the Hebrew root En, meaning spring, in place names: En-dor (Joshua 17:11 ); En-eglaim (Ezekiel 47:10 ); En-gannim (Joshua 15:34 ); En-gedi (Joshua 15:62 ); En-haddah (Joshua 19:21 ); En-hakkore (Judges 15:19 ); En-hazor (Joshua 19:37 ); En-rimmon; (Nehemiah 11:29 ); En-rogel and En-shemesh (Joshua 15:7 ); and En-tappuah (Joshua 17:7 )