Places Study on Hazar-enan

Places Study on Hazar-enan

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Easton's Bible Dictionary - Hazar-enan
Village of fountains, a place on the north-east frontier of Palestine (Numbers 34:9,10 ). Some have identified it with Ayan ed-Dara in the heart of the central chain of Anti-Libanus. More probably, however, it has been identified with Kuryetein, about 60 miles east-north-east of Damascus. (Compare Ezekiel 47:17 ; 48:1 .)

Holman Bible Dictionary - Hazar-enan
(hay' zahr-ee' nuhn) Place name meaning, “encampment of springs.” Site marking northeastern border of Promised Land (Numbers 34:9-10 ; Ezekiel 47:17 ). Its exact location is not known, but some locate it at Qaryatein about 70 miles east north east of Damascus.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Hazar-enan
HAZAR-ENAN (once Ezekiel 47:17 Hazar-enon ). A place mentioned in Numbers 34:9-10 as the northern boundary of Israel, and in Ezekiel 47:17 ; Ezekiel 48:1 as one of the ideal boundaries. It was perhaps at the sources of the Orontes. See also Hazer-hatticon.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Hazar-enan
("village of springs".) Here the northern boundary terminated (Numbers 34:9-10), and the eastern boundary began. Identified with Ayun ed Dara, a fountain in the midst of the central chain of Antilibanus; in Van de Velde's map, latitude 33 degrees 49', longitude 36 degrees 12'. Ruins mark the spot. Thus, the E. and W. declivities of the northern part of the Antilibanus range, excluding the Damascus plain and its contiguous valleys, were included in the borders of the promised land (Speaker's Commentary, Numbers 34:9).

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Enon City - (ee' nahn cih' tee) TEV translation of Hazar-enan (Ezekiel 47:17 ). See Hazar-enan
Hazar-Enon - (hay' zahr-ee' nohn) Variant Hebrew spelling of Hazar-enan in Ezekiel 47:17 and reflected in NRSV. See Hazar-enan
Ziphron - ” Site on the northern border of Canaan, near Hazar-enan (Numbers 34:9 )
Hazar-Enan - Hazar-enan (once Ezekiel 47:17 Hazar-enon )
Hazar - Hazar is a common element in place names: Hazar-enan ( Ezekiel 47:17 ); Hazar-gaddah (Joshua 15:27 ); Hazar-shual (Joshua 15:28 ); Hazar-susah (Joshua 19:5 )
ha'Zer, - ( Numbers 34:4 ) ADAR (Joshua 15:3 ) ... Hazar-enan (village of fountains ), the place at which the northern boundary of the land promised to the children of Israel was to terminate
Land (of Israel) -