Places Study on Ivvah

Places Study on Ivvah

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Ivvah
(iv' vuh) Alternate spelling for Avva. See Avva.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Ivvah
IVVAH . A city named in 2 Kings 18:34 ; 2 Kings 19:13 , Isaiah 37:13 , along with Sepharvaim and Hena, as conquered by the Assyrians. Its real name and location are both uncertain. It is frequently identified with Avva of 2 Kings 17:24 . Some would make it the name not of a city but of a god. See, further, art. Hena.

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Ivah - (i' vuh) KJV spelling for Ivvah. See Ivvah
Avva, Avvites - See Ivvah
Hena - A word occurring in conjunction with Ivvah ( 2Ki 18:34 ; 2 Kings 19:13 , Isaiah 37:13 ). Büsching has identified Hena with the modern Ana on the Euphrates; and Sachau supposes that Ivvah is ‘Imm between Aleppo and Antioch
Ivvah - Ivvah
Ava - Their gods did not help them against the Assyrians and could be used as an example to call Jerusalem to surrender (2 Kings 18:34 , where Ivvah refers to the same people)