Places Study on Iyim

Places Study on Iyim

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Iyim
IYIM (‘heaps’ or ‘ruins’). 1. Short form of Iyeabarim in Numbers 33:45 . Numbers 33:2 . Joshua 15:29 (AV [Note: Authorized Version.] and RV [Note: Revised Version.] incorrectly Iim ), a town in Judah, one of the ‘uttermost cities toward the border of Edom.’

Holman Bible Dictionary - Iyim
(i' ihihm) Modern translations spelling of Iim (Numbers 33:45 ), a shortened form of Iye-abarim. See Iye-abarim .

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Iim - See Iyim, 2
Iye-Abarim - IYE-ABARIM (‘Iyim of the regions beyond,’ distinguishing this place from the Iim of Joshua 15:29 ). The station mentioned in Numbers 21:11 ; Numbers 33:44 (in Numbers 33:45 Iyim alone) and described ( Numbers 21:11 ) as ‘in the wilderness which is before Moab toward the sun-rising,’ and more briefly ( Numbers 33:44 ) as ‘in the border of Moab
Iyim - Iyim (‘heaps’ or ‘ruins’)
Isles - Hebrew Iyim , from aawah , "to inhabit