Places Study on Kiriath-arba

Places Study on Kiriath-arba

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Kiriath-arba
(kihr' ih ath-ahr' buh) Place name meaning, “city of Arba” or “city of four.” The ancient name for the city of Hebron (Joshua 15:54 ). It was the chief city in the hill country of Judah (Joshua 15:54 ) and was both a Levitical city (Joshua 21:11 ) and a city of refuge (Joshua 20:7 ). Caleb captured the city for Israel (Joshua 15:13-14 ). Bible students dispute the origin of the name. According to some, Kiriath-Arba was originally named after Arba the Anakite hero (Joshua 14:15 ; see Joshua 15:13 ). Others point to the nearby cave of Machpelah where, according to Jewish tradition, Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were buried—thus, “city of four.” See Levitical Cities ; Cities of Refuge ; Hebron .

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Kiriath-arba
KIRIATH-ARBA is used as a name for Hebron (wh. see) in Genesis 23:2 etc. Only in Genesis 35:27 and Nehemiah 11:25 is Arba‘ written with the article. The city may have been so called as the seat of a confederacy between four men or tribes, or the name may be = Tetrapolis , ‘the city of four quarters.’ The Heb. text explains it as ‘the city of Arba,’ ‘the greatest man among the Anakim’ (Jos 14:16 RV [Note: Revised Version.] ), or ‘the father of Anak’ ( Joshua 15:13 ; Joshua 21:11 ). In the first passage LXX [Note: Septuagint.] reads ‘the city Argob, the metropolis of the Anakim’: in the second ‘the city Arbok, metropolis,’ etc. Perhaps in the last two, therefore, we should read ’çm , ‘mother,’ i.e . ‘mother-city,’ instead of ’abi , ‘father.’

W. Ewing.

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Kirjath-Arba - (kihr' jath-ahr' buh) KJV spelling of Kiriath-arba. See Kiriath-arba
Arba - ” Father of Anak for whom Kiriath-arba was named (Joshua 14:15 ; Joshua 15:13 )
Arba - This means simply that he was the founder of the city which bore his name; that is Kiriath-arba, later Hebron (wh
Kirjath-Arba - , Kiriath-arba
Kiriath-Arba - According to some, Kiriath-arba was originally named after Arba the Anakite hero (Joshua 14:15 ; see Joshua 15:13 )
Kiriath-Arba - Kiriath-arba is used as a name for Hebron (wh
Hebron - Hebron was also known as Kiriath-arba and Mamre
Beersheba - Seven ancient wells exist here, and it has been suggested that these gave its name to the locality; the suffixed numeral being perhaps due to the influence of the syntax of some pre-Semitic language, as in Kiriath-arba (‘Tetrapolis’)
Hebron - ’ Its original name seems to have been Kiriath-arba ( i