Places Study on Kiriath-sepher

Places Study on Kiriath-sepher

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Kiriath-sepher
(kihr' ih ath-ssee' feer) Place name meaning, “city of book.” Used in Joshua 15:15-16 as another name for Debir. Kiriath-Sannah is the same city ( Joshua 15:49 ). See Debir 2.

Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Kiriath-Sannah, Kiriath-sepher

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Kiriath-Sannah, Kiriath-Sepher - KIRIATH-SANNAH, Kiriath-sepher
Kirjath-Sepher - (kihr' jath-ssee' fuhr) KJV spelling of Kiriath-sepher; another name for the city of Debir (Joshua 15:15-165 )
Kiriath-Sannah - ” Another name for the city of Debir, also known as Kiriath-sepher (Joshua 15:15-16 ,Joshua 15:15-16,15:49 )
Achsah - Her father promised her in marriage to the man who should capture Debir or Kiriath-sepher a feat accomplished by Othniel, the brother of Caleb
Othniel - Othniel received Caleb's daughter Achsah as his wife as a reward for his capture of Kiriath-sepher (Debir) (Joshua 15:15-19 ; Judges 1:11-15 )
Othniel - As a reward for taking Kiriath-sepher, he receives Achsah, the daughter of Caleb, for his wife
Debir - A town first known as Kiriath-sepher ( Joshua 15:15 , Judges 1:11 ) in the neighbourhood of Hebron, and inhabited by Anakim ( Joshua 11:21 ), conquered by Joshua ( Joshua 10:38 ; Joshua 11:21 ; Joshua 12:13 ), or more specifically by Othniel ( Joshua 15:15 ), assigned as a Levitical city ( Joshua 21:15 , 1 Chronicles 6:58 ) in the tribe of Judah ( Joshua 15:49 ). An alternative name Kiriath-sannah , once recorded ( Joshua 15:49 ), is probably a corruption of Kiriath-sepher, due primarily to the similarity of p and n in the old Hebrew alphabet
Caleb - This was immediately granted to him, and the following chapter relates how he took possession of Hebron, driving out the three sons of Anak; and how he offered Achsah his daughter in marriage to whoever would take Kiriath-sepher, i
Debir -