Places Study on Michmethath

Places Study on Michmethath

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Michmethath
(mihk mih thath) Spelling following Hebrew of Michmethah in NAS, NIV, NRSV, REB.

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Taanath-Shiloh - ” village located about seven miles southeast of Shechem between Michmethath and Janoah (Joshua 16:6 ), identified with the modern khirbet Ta'nah el Foqa
Michmethah - Michmethath has been identified with khirbet Makhneh el-Foqa about five miles southeast of Shechem and with khirbet Juleijil east of Shechem
Allotment - Manasseh's southern boundary included Michmethath and the brook Kanah