Places Study on Rehoboth-Ir

Places Study on Rehoboth-Ir

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Rehoboth-Ir
REHOBOTH-IR (lit. ‘broad places of the city’). One of the four cities in Assyria built by Nimrod ( Genesis 10:11 ). It immediately follows Nineveh, and might mean a suburb of that city, originally separate from it, but later annexed and containing some of its most spacious streets or market-places. A suitable identification has been found in the Assyr. [Note: Assyrian.] rçbît Ninâ (‘broad places of Nineveh’), mentioned by king Esarhaddon (b.c. 681 668). This is the exact equivalent of the Biblical name. In taking it over, ‘the city’ was substituted for ‘Nineveh.’

J. F. M’Curdy.

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Rehoboth-ir - Rehoboth-Ir (lit
Rehoboth - Rehoboth-Ir, “broad places of the city,” likely denotes an open space within Nineveh or its suburbs (Genesis 10:11 ) rather than a separate city between Nineveh and Calah
Calah - , Nimrod] went forth into Assyria, and built Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, and Calah, and Resen" (Genesis 10:11 , RSV)
Resen - That the words ‘the same is a great city’ should refer to Resen alone seems unlikely more probably Nineveh, Rehoboth-Ir, and Calah are included, the two latter forming, with Resen, suburbs of the first
Calah - of the Tigris) and builded Nineveh and Rehoboth-Ir (i
Nineveh - The Nineveh of Sennacherib’s day lay largely outside this area, and included the Rebit Ninûa , or Rehoboth-Ir, which extended as far as Khorsa bad, where Sargon built a great city, Dûr-Sargon
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