Places Study on Straight Street

Places Study on Straight Street

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Holman Bible Dictionary - Straight Street
A street in Damascus where Paul was staying after being struck blind in his experience with the risen Christ (Acts 9:10-12 ). This street still exists today called Darb al-Mustaqim . See Damascus .

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Judas - After his experience on the road to Damascus Paul went to the house of a man named Judas who lived on Straight Street
Gadara - The ruins of Um Keis attest the greatness of Gadara anciently; from the gate a Straight Street, with a colonnade on each side, passed through the city; the pavement is almost perfect, marked here and there by chariot wheels; the columns are prostrate
Judas - His house was in the Straight Street, and Saul of Tarsus lodged there after his conversion
Street - The word employed (ῥύμη, ‘lane’ or ‘alley’) hardly applies to this instance, for it was a broad, Straight Street on the Greek model, flanked by colonnades, on the further side of which foot-paths extended
Judas - The one whose house in Straight Street, Damascus, sheltered Paul during his blindness