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Places Study on Taanath-shiloh

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Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible - Taanath-shiloh
TAANATH-SHILOH . A town on the N.E. boundary of Ephraim ( Joshua 16:6 ). It is possibly the mod. Ta‘na , about 7 miles from Nâblus (Neapolis), and 2 miles N. of Yânûn (Janoah).

Easton's Bible Dictionary - Taanath-shiloh
Approach to Shiloh, a place on the border of Ephraim (Joshua 16:6 ), probably the modern T'ana, a ruin 7 miles south-east of Shechem, on the ridge east of the Mukhnah plain.
Holman Bible Dictionary - Taanath-shiloh
(tay' uh nath-sshi' loh) Place name likely meaning, “approach to Shiloh.” village located about seven miles southeast of Shechem between Michmethath and Janoah (Joshua 16:6 ), identified with the modern khirbet Ta'nah el Foqa.

Fausset's Bible Dictionary - Taanath Shiloh
On the border of Ephraim (Joshua 16:6); "the approach of Shiloh", (Gesenius), "the futurity of Shiloh" (Kurtz). Hengstenberg also identifies it with Shiloh ("rest" after Canaan was subdued; the Jerusalem Talmud, Megillah i., identifies Tanhath Shiloh with Shiloh), making Taanath the old Canaanite name and Shiloh the new Hebrew name. But Eusebius (Onom., Thenath) makes it ten Roman miles from Neapolis (Sichem) on the way to Jordan, probably the Thena of Ptolemy v. 16, section 5, named with Neapolis as the two chief towns of Samaria; now Tana, Ain Tana, ruins S.E. of Nablus where are large cisterns (Robinson, Bibl. Res., 295; Ritter 15:871).

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